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We just returned from a great trip to PAX South and are back to the development grind. We decided our budget would be better spent on a larger booth at PAX East so we didn’t have a booth this time, but we did have an awesome partnership with HP Omen for this show. We met the HP Omen folks at Twitchcon, and they were interested in using our game for their tournament segment at PAX Arena. It was a great opportunity and was live streamed on the front page of Twitch to about 8000 viewers. The tournament went smoothly, and HP Omen was great to work with. One player named CrayZ put on a show for the viewers and absolutely dominated the competition. We met CrayZ back at Dreamhack Austin so we knew what to expect from him, and I gave the shout caster Seamus a heads-up that he should spectate him a lot.

After the tournament, I kept busy with nonstop meetings. I met with some great content creators, including a lot of partnered Mixer streamers. Everyone was incredibly nice and down to earth, and it was fun showing them the huge updates and improvements. I’m excited to see their reactions after they play this weekend against other players (they played against bots for the demo), and I’m excited to see how their communities react. We also met with TJ from Twin Galaxies, who covered our game back in June. It was great catching up with him and showing him how far we’ve come since then.

I unfortunately didn’t have much free time to explore and look at the booths very much, but I did have a short break on Saturday. There were a bunch of cool indie games, and Astro and Discord also had large booths. I stopped by and chatted with some of the folks at Discord and was excited to learn more about their store and ways to integrate Discord into our game to engage the community. I also checked out the Astro booth, since they are partners and good friends of ours and tested out their new controller. It felt good, but I will always prefer mouse and keyboard.

Overall, it was a great show and a lot of fun meeting so many great people. I plan to attend again next year and hopefully we will have a booth next year or be on PAX Arena again. Anyway, back to work! Gotta get ready for the big playtest this weekend!