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1047 Games released the second Season for their flagship game, Splitgate: Arena Warfare, on June 15th, 2020 for PC users via the Steam store. The new update introduced today adds a ton of new content, community-requested features, visual improvements, optimizations, and more. Major features included in Season 2 of Splitgate:

 ●       Season 2 Arena Pass: The Season 2 Arena Pass is the newest way to unlock cosmetics for your character! Progress through 100 levels to earn new cosmetics, including multiple new EXCLUSIVE weapon and armor sets, sprays, emotes, portal guns, jetpacks and more!

The Free version of the Arena Pass rewards players with some Arena Pass cosmetics during Season 2. The Premium Arena Pass rewards users with cosmetics on every level and rewards users with more currency than the pass initially costs!

The Premium Arena Pass can be purchased at any time during Season 2. Purchasing the Premium Arena Pass unlocks all the rewards up to your current level. Season 2 starts June 15th and will last 3-4 months.

 ●       New Map, Oasis: Once a luxury beach resort, Oasis is now a beachside battlefield open to all combatants. This sunny and sandy arena features long lines of sight and tall portal walls, so make sure you locate a long-range weapon! Note: Rest and relaxation are not included while fighting on Oasis.

Oasis Flythrough Reveal

 ●       New Weapon, Carbine: The Carbine is a medium to long-ranged, semi-automatic rifle suitable for all types of encounters. The Carbine replaced the Assault Rifle in both Social and Ranked matches as the primary starting weapon.

 ●       Killcam: The Killcam was a highly requested feature throughout Season 1. The Killcam lets players see how they were killed during a match, enabling users to learn from their opponents’ plays.

Additional updates included in Splitgate’s Season 2 release are: performance optimizations, skin improvements, UI improvements and overhauls, updated Locker layout, map improvements, the replacement of emblems with sprays, and the removal of the Arena Alloy and SAW Packs.

Splitgate: Arena Warfare is free to download now on Windows PC via the Steam store. For more information, follow Splitgate on Twitter and Discord!