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My Name is Marco 'Stallion' Galluzzo, a full time variety streamer from the east midlands in the UK. I have been on twitch ever since the days of for over 7 years and recently started streaming myself in February 2018. I have worked tirelessly to make a name for myself in the saturated streaming world, beginning with RPG/Horror games, and now focusing on where my true passion is, FPS/Shooter style games. I have built my community and streaming community over the last 16 months or so and have worked hard on finding my USP as a streamer and implementing myself out there into the streaming world. I am currently partnered with Twitch, Discord and Splitgate and always seek opportunities to further improve myself and achieve success. I work hard on bringing energy, passion and motivation to my streams and have been gaming my entire life. I went full time in streaming after just 8 months of starting due to the levels of success I have received. I am extremely happy to be partnering with Splitgate and finding out the future of the game, helping to assist the game in growing and evolving.