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Jexodus is a streamer on Mixer, and a multi-platformer streamer on YouTube, and DLive. A Larger than life kind of bearded fellow with a community known as the Bearded Family. He can be laid back and chill excited and shouting, it all depends on the mood and the games. Jexodus enjoys a large range of games from MMORPGs, FPSs, MOBAs, BRs (who doesn’t) and more. Jexodus streams from 6 pm EST to midnight or later depending on how crazy it gets, but he does take Fridays off to spend time with his lovely wife and (leader of the Bearded Babes). A little about him: after working for the DoD in the I.E.D. Defense project he found a reprieve in streaming and being able to enjoy the games. He has built a community around being themselves and enjoying themselves. If you need a place to feel welcome, stop on in! Need a good friend? You can make one now! How about just want to lurk and LOL a few at some randomness? Jexodus has everything you need in one stream.