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SmkGaming05 goes by SMK or you can always call me Stephen. I’ve been a full-time partnered streamer for 5 years! I’d say my community is built around the love for video games no matter your skill level. My community is a huge mix of gamers who enjoy video games like Pokémon, Super Smash Bros, Minecraft, Fortnite, and much more! I always want to interact with all types of gamers and make it a goal of mine to make anyone feel welcomed in my community. I love being a Splitgate partner because of the excitement of playing Splitgate reminds me a lot of my love for the halo video games. Since I’ve been a long-time halo fan Splitgate feels like another day of playing halo, but with an exciting new take on the first person shooter video game genre. My goal as a Splitgate Partner is to provide a fun time for casual and competitive players alike to come together to enjoy playing Splitgate. Being able to support Splitgate as a partner means a lot to me! I get to play an awesome game I truly enjoy, and I get to show my Splitgate experience live on my twitch channel. If you ever need tips for Splitgate I’m always ready to share my knowledge, and strategies to help you enjoy playing Splitgate even more! One last thing is to use my creator code of SMK to get my emblem in Splitgate!