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Welcome to Splitgate: Arena Warfare, where portal combat takes shooters to a new dimension.
Endless Ways to Frag
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Classic FPS Gaming
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Portals And JETPACKS

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Rewire your brain to frag with portals. Use portals to outsmart and outplay your opponents. Flank them from behind. Use momentum to fly through the air to new locations. Or quickly flee from a dangerous position.

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Old School Arena Shooter

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Developed by Halo 3 veterans, Splitgate: Arena Warfare brings back that old school arena FPS feel. No classes. No perks. No filter.

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Welcome to Season 3!

We are excited to announce the launch of Season 3 of Splitgate: Arena Warfare! Season 3 features a ton of new content...

Season 2 of Splitgate has Arrived!

Splitgate launches Season 2 on Steam, featuring a new Arena Pass, weapon, map, and community requested features. Read more about the updates...

Splitgate Season 1 Launch

A new update available today introduces a ton of new content, features, improvements and more made with feedback from the Splitgate community....